About me

Born in Brazil, with an italian background, raised around the world and based between London and Algarve at the moment. Triathlete since 2012, I have competed in more than 100 races around the world and in 2017 completed my first Ultraman, 10km swim/ 420km cycling/ 84.4km run. I am a full time triathlete, 3rd in the world in what I am training to complete all the Ultraman races around the world (9 in total) . I am passionated about what I do and I love to share my experiences and help others to achieve their dreams. I do believe you can be anything you want or dream of! This is my life, I have been following my dreams and chasing my full potential and best version for over 10 years. It is never too late to follow your dreams!

With a business background, I know how much pressure we go through on our everyday life! My goal is to help people to get a stronger mind and healthier body! 


Fitness Instructor - Personal Trainer - Nutritional Advisor - Spinning Instructor - Personal Runner - Reiki Master - Marketing and International Business degree

My strenght is my experience! Some things you do not learn reading books but putting your body and mind through it! I will motivate you and guide you to where you want to go!