Do you know my Ultraman project? I'm going to explain to you how I discovered and fell in love with Ultraman!

Let's go back to 2016!!

I started competing in triathlon in 2012 in short distances and gradually reached Full Ironman distances in 2015/2016. Something was missing, I still wasn't convinced that Ironman was for me or what I was looking for. 

A friend of mine invited me to be his crew on UB515 in 2016 and I had no idea what "Ultraman" was. As soon as he told me I was obsessed with the idea of ​​doing it. I applied for UB515 in 2017 and was selected among the 40 athletes! This was life changing for me! I was very excited and for the next 5 months the only thing I could think about was Ultraman. I trained a lot for the UB515 2017, it was crazy! I didn't miss any training sessions that season. My energy was limitless!! After completing the 3 day race I was left in shock and speechless. 

At that moment I decided to do every Ultraman distance race in the world. I had no idea how many there were, but I wanted to chase down and complete them all!! From Brazil I went to Australia to compete in my second Ultraman distance race followed by Florida and Canada in 2019. 

In 2020 I qualified for Ultraman Arizona and Ultraman Hawaii (World Championship), but both races were canceled because of the Pandemic, as we know! 

Now, 2023, I'm back in pursuit of my dream of finishing my Ultraman Project. I just got back from InfinitriMan in Spain and getting ready for Ultraman Arizona 2024. In total there are 8 races, 3 more to go! 

Ultraman Arizona, Ultraman Haiwaii and Ultra515MX. Here I come!!!